9 message from the mayor of charlottetown 20th annual crime prevention guide On behalf of the City of Charlottetown I wish to congratulate the Prince Edward Island Police Association on the production of their 20th Annual Crime Prevention Guide, 2010 edition with the theme being: Child Abuse Prevention, both within our City and the Province as a whole. Child Abuse, as with Elder Abuse, can come in various forms however it is imperative as a society that we all work together to protect those in the vulnerable sector. The children of our community are our Future and we must do everything in our power to ensure they live a healthy, safe and productive life. I hope everyone who reads this guide will use the information provided to them to help protect the children of our Province. In closing, I wish all members of the Prince Edward Island Police Association well and thank all the police officers for their contribution in making Prince Edward Island a better and safer place. Sincerely Yours, Clifford Lee Mayor City of Charlottetown