13 message from charlottetown’s chief of police 20th annual crime prevention guide This year marks the twentieth year for the PEI Police Association Crime Prevention Guide. Each year the Association produces a Crime Prevention/Awareness Guide, which provides educational materials, information and prompts discussion on important issues facing our communities. This year, the Guide focuses on the issue of child abuse. Prevention is the best hope for reducing child abuse and neglect and improving the lives of children and families. Strengthening families and preventing child abuse requires a shared commitment of individuals and organizations in every community. The term "prevention" is typically used to represent activities that stop an action or behavior. It can also be used to represent activities that promote a positive action or behavior. Research has found that successful child abuse interventions must both reduce risk factors and promote protective factors to ensure the well-being of children and families. Knowledge is power, and education and information are key components to empowering individuals and making our communities safer. It is our collective hope that those reading the Guide will find the information to be timely and informative and that this information will foster positive discussion among family and friends. The production of this Guide not only raises awareness on an important issue, but also assists the Police Association in the efforts to fund and support very worthwhile projects within our Island communities. On behalf of the members and staff of the Charlottetown Police Services, I would like to congratulate the PEI Police Association for the production of this year’s Community Guide, and wish you every success in the future. Yours truly, A. Paul Smith Chief of Police Charlottetown Police Services