53 20th annual crime prevention guide Department of Justice Canada Abuse is Wrong ...Abuse is Wrong continued After the “explosion” or violence, there is a period of calm or quiet. The person who behaved abusively may say they are sorry and promise it will not happen again. However, in time, the tension builds and the person may become violent again. Others describe an ever increasing spiral of abuse where the severity of the violence becomes worse over time and the violent outbursts occur more and more often. Your children need protection If you are a parent and suffering abuse, this can make it harder for you to look after your children. The abuse may also be very draining, leaving you with less energy to share with your children. The children may learn from seeing the abuse that they do not need to respect you. The children may also learn that they do not need to respect their own future partners. This may lead to further violence or a cycle of violence that is passed down from one generation to the next. Child abuse is against the law. If your children are being abused, you must get help for them. You can go to a child protection or family services agency for advice, help or counselling. Children need to be protected from abuse. If you do not take steps to protect them, there may be legal consequences. For example, the police and child protection services* may become involved. Photo credit: Katherine Dimock-Lavoie