37 25TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE WHAT TO DO IF SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS BEING ABUSED ...continued If the person doesn't want to talk, say that you are available whenever needed. •Offer support - Before you approach the person, find services in your area that might help if and when they are ready: - Don't expect to know all the answers. - Explore options together. - Ask direct questions like, "Do you want me to help you find someone to talk to?" or "Do you want to go somewhere safe?" If a child or a young person tells you that they are being abused •Believe the child. •Listen. Don't interrupt or judge. •React calmly. Don't ask for details. •Tell the child that the abuse is not their fault, and that it was right to tell you. •Write down what the child tells you in their own words. What to do if you suspect child abuse: If you know a child is being sexually abused, report it to the police immediately. In an emergency, call 911. Every province and territory has a law that says that any person who believes a child is being abused must report it. You will not get in trouble for making a report if you have reason to believe a child is being abused, even if it turns out that you were wrong. If you have questions about how to recognize child abuse, here are some things you can do: •Call your local child protection services. •Talk to a nurse, social worker, doctor or teacher. •Call the police. •Call the Kids' Help Line 1-800-387-KIDS (5437).