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2 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE What to do if you see a Drunk Driver #1Stay as far away from the vehicle as possible. #2Do not pass the vehicle or signal for the driver to stop. #3 Pull your vehicle over and call 911. #4 Leave the rest up to the police who work hard every day to make our roads safer. Call 911 Island Wide Service Concrete Products • Ornamental Iron • Steel Culverts Waterworks Supplies • Concrete Restoration 420 Mt. Edward Road, Box 373 Sherwood Industrial Park Charlottetown, C1A 7K7 Free Estimates 902-368-3442 or 1-800-361-3442 Fax: 902-894-5581 Enjoy prime locations, comfort & convenience. Variety of apartment styles. 902-566-2490

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 3 Message from the Premier . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Message from PEIPA President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Publisher’s Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Message from the Mayor of Charlottetown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Message from the Mayor of Summerside . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Message from Summerside Chief of Police . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Message from Charlottetown Chief of Police . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 PEIPA Supports the Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 DUI AWARENESS Impaired Driving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Drug-Impaired Driving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Top Myths about Impaired Driving in Canada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 Youth and Impaired Driving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Disturbing Facts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Is Smoking Cannabis and Driving the New Drinking and Driving? . . . . . . . . .44 Canada’s Impaired Driving Record is Poor by International Standards . . . . . .46 Alcohol & Drug Presence in Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Mandatory Ignition Interlock Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 Insurance and Financial Consequences of Impaired Driving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Estimated Costs of an Impaired Driving Conviction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Drug-Impaired Driving – Current Laws / Proposed Legislation . . . . . . . . . . . .56 Alcohol-Impaired Driving – Penalties & Testing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 10 Possible Signs of an Impaired Driver . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 What to do if you see a Driver you think is Impaired . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 MADD Canada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59 Impaired Boating is Impaired Driving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61 Advertisers’ Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63 More Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 TABLE OF CONTENTS

4 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL ♦ Ready Mix Concrete ♦ Slinger Service ♦ Sand & Gravel ♦ Foundation Packages ♦ Floors ♦ Sidewalks ♦ Concrete Pumping Service ♦ Radio Equipped Trucks ♦ Pre-Cast Products ♦ Delivery & Spreading Services Charlo etown 235 Mason Road Orders: (902) 569-4444 Office: (902) 569-5970 • Fax: (902) 569-3224 Summerside 180 West Drive Orders: (902) 436-3372 Office: (902) 888-3823 • (902) Fax: 436-1728 MacKinnon Bros. Service Centre 419 Mount Edward Road Charlottetown, PE Licensed Mechanics Inspection Alignment Brake Service (902) 892-7781 (902) 892-2771 King Truck Repair Phillip Lannigan (902) 894-4088 (902) 894-0533 - fax 404 Mount Edward Road Charlottetown PE C1E 2A1 Ron Lanigan HARDWOOD FLOORS 902.962.3417 RR#2,Montague,PE C0A1R0

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 5 MESSAGE FROM THE PEIPA PRESIDENT EXECUTIVE MEMBERS On behalf of the Prince Edward Island Police Association I would like to thank Islanders for their continuous support of our Crime Prevention Guide. This year marks the 27th year of the Guide with this year’s topic being “Driving Under the Influence”. Impaired operation of a motor vehicle takes many forms and with proposed changes coming towards the legalization of marijuana we believed this year’s Guide to be timely. Police use all tools placed at their disposal to address impaired driving concerns by Islanders. All Islanders play a vital role in keeping our roadways safe and education continues to be an important mechanism to get the message out. With all the changes that are coming our way, the one thing that remains constant is that there is zero tolerance for driving while impaired. With over 124,597 vehicles registered for Island roads we all must remain vigilant in keeping commuters safe. Sincerely, Cst Tim Keizer President Prince Edward Island Police Association Ron Kennedy Vice-President East Jason Blacquiere Vice-PresidentWest Allan Kelly Recording Secretary Ron MacLean Secretary Treasurer Dale Corish DirectorWest THE PEI POLICE ASSOCIATION HAS SUPPORTEDTHE FOLLOWING GROUPS WITH FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS IN 2016-2017: “Let’s Talk Smart” Mental Health Program Breakfast Buddies Program College of Piping Early Bird Hockey Tournament Inner City Life Skills Children’s Camp MADD PEI Making Waves Provincial Midget Hockey Championships Ringette PEI Summerside Boys and Girls Club Summerside Figure Skating Club Winslow Charlottetown Royals FC Soccer Tournament Youth Justice Services - “Girls Group”

6 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE East Prince Funeral Home 245 Pope Road Summerside, PE C1N 5T4 Phone: (902) 436-0915 Fax: (902) 888-3112 Email: (902) 432-1234 511 Notre Dame Street, Summerside, PE C1N 1T2 902854-3265 “No More Leaks Over Your Head” Proudly Serving Prince & Queens County for over 14 Years. 5 Year Replacement Guarantee Residential & Commercial Installations • 5” Seamless Aluminum Eavestrough • Leaf guards • No More Rust and Leaks • Variety of Colors to Choose From • No Spikes Showing (installed with brackets inside eavestrough) • Soffit & Fascia Installation Call Kevin Arsenault today Cell: 439-1548 Wellington, PEI

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 7 FROMTHE PUBLISHER “Providing quality, professional marketing and fundraising services on behalf of high-profile, non-profit organizations.” The Prince Edward Island Police Association publishes these Annual Crime Prevention Guides to educate the public on important community concerns. This 27th Annual Crime Prevention Guidetackles DUI Awareness. This publication is made possible as a result of financial contributions from residents and business representatives throughout the province. With their generous support for the activities of the PEI Police Association, the PEI Police Association is also able to give back to their communities through donations to various local charities and youth oriented programs. On behalf of the PEI Police Association, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every contributor to our 2016 Telephone Appeal. This unique publication is distributed each year to schools, libraries and public facilities and also available online at, making it easily accessible to everyone. Your comments or suggestions regarding these publications are always welcome and we look forward to speaking with you each year during our Annual Telephone Appeal. Respectfully, Mark T. Fenety President Fenety Marketing Services WWW.FENETY.COM


27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 9 On behalf of the City of Charlottetown, I wish to congratulate the Prince Edward Island Police Association on the publication of the 27th Annual Crime Prevention Guide. The theme for this year is Impaired Driving; a topic of concern for all residents of Prince Edward Island. Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs remains one of the most prominent factors contributing to serious road crashes in Canada. Although considerable progress has been made over the past several decades, impaired drivers continue to present a significant risk to the safety of all road users. In the past, the term “impaired driving” has typically been interpreted as being impaired by alcohol. In recent years, the use of drugs by drivers has come to the public attention as a major contributor to serious crashes in Canada. Please make the best decisions while consuming alcohol. If you cannot drive, call a cab, a friend or family member. Never get behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs. Clifford J. Lee Mayor City of Charlottetown

10 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE Keith Ford MOBILE SERVICE Bus: (902) 629-9950 Fax: (902) 626-3706 Specialists in Repair & Re-dyeing of Leather, Plastic, Vinyl & Fabric Fibrenew PEI 1998 Ltd Chinese & Canadian Food At Its Very Best Saturday Buffet 4:30 - 8:00 • Fully Licensed • Air Conditioned • Banquet Room • Eat In or Take Out • Buffet For 20 or More 836-5055 31 Broadway Street, Save Easy Mall, Kensington North Rustico Lions’ Club Proudly serving our community for over 40 years. Bowling, Catering and Bingo Lounge: Open to the Public WESTWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL 80 Meadowbank Road P.O. Box 490, Cornwall, PE C0A 1H0 Tel: 902-368-6855 Fax: 902-368-6863 Tel: (902) 651-3000 Fax: (902) 651-3001 4297 Murray Harbour Rd. Grandview RR#3 Belfast PO PEI C0A 1A0 Steel - Stainless Steel - Aluminum - Mobile Welding Rick Speelman 176 Great George Street, Suite 300 Charlottetown, PE C1A 4K9 T: 902.368.8122 F: 902.628.4660 E: W: DeltaWare Division

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 11 On behalf of Council and the City of Summerside I would like to convey my congratulations to the Prince Edward Island Police Association on their 27th Annual Crime Prevention Guide publication. This year’s theme “Driving Under The Influence” is an important and timely topic to educate and discuss with the public. Despite its small size and population, our Province arrests twice as many people every year for driving while impaired than the national average. Incidents of impaired driving have jumped 23 percent in the last decade in Prince Edward Island while the national average has steadily declined. The problems related to driving under the influence are complex with no simple solutions. I believe that education and enforcement will reduce the number and severity of highway collisions caused by impaired drivers. I extend congratulations to all the dedicated police officers who are committed to their jobs and through their skills and programs, ensure an exceptional quality of life here in the City of Summerside. Congratulations on your 27th publication of the Annual Crime Prevention Guide and many thanks to all for their dedication and the hard work that it takes to accomplish this publication. Sincerely, Mayor Bill Martin City of Summerside

12 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE DR. WILLIAM JUDSON Dental Surgeon 110 Kensington Road Charlottetown, PE C1A 5J5 620-7222 892-8577 Fax: 368-2754 423 Mount Edward Road Charlottetown Email: 169 Pope Road, Summerside Ph/Fax: 436-9201 7823 Route 11, Wellington, PE C0B 2E0 Owner: Robert Arsenault Cellular: 902-888-7067 246 Heather Moyse Drive, Summerside, PE 902-436-7490 We Pack For Travel John Vautour (902) 314-5314 inspectR 308 North Queen Elizabeth Drive Charlottetown, PE C1A 3B5 Thomas M. Carver Ltd Lime, Fertilizer, Sand & Gravel Loader, Dozer, Float Rental Alliston, PE C0A 1R0 Phone 962-2989 1-902-962-2891 Fax 1-866-364-3555 Toll Free 475 Granville Street North Summerside, PE C1N 4P7 902.432.8064 Senator Elizabeth Hubley Proud to Support the PEI Police Association Bus: 902•838•3535 Fax: 902•838•2474 Robertson Road PO Box 1120 Montague, PE Canada C0A 1R0 At ABCE we help our clients solve complex business problems and measurably enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance. Mary Best, FCPA, FCA, CFE Brian Cameron, CPA, CA Irwin Ellis, CPA, CA·CBV Doug Ezeard, CPA, CA Craig Bradley, CPA, CA Tara Wheeler, CPA, CA Prince Edward Place 18 Queen Street, Suite 100 PO Box 455 Charlottetown, PE C1A 7L1 Telephone (902) 368-3100 Fax (902) 566-5074

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 13 Congratulations once again to the PEI Police Association for continuing their good work in the community in producing their 27th annual crime prevention guide. The theme selected for this year’s guide is ‘Driving Under the Influence’ which is a very timely topic in discussing this issue with the public. Unfortunately this criminal offence remains at the top of our list for police agencies in Prince Edward Island. Under Canadian law, peace officers can compel anyone they suspect of operating a motor vehicle while impaired within the previous three hours to provide a breath sample to detect the driver's BAC. You can even be approached if a vehicle is not operating but is "in your care," meaning that you are sitting in the driver's seat even if the car is not running. In Prince Edward Island, police officers can issue administrative license suspensions on drivers with a BAC above 0.05. An administrative action is not a criminal charge and does not go on your criminal record however, violations of suspensions can lead to criminal charges. There is never a reason to refuse a BAC test because refusal always results in the same consequences as driving while impaired. In an effort to curtail drunk driving, judges in PEI have been assigning strict penalties for violations, including jail time for first offenders. Upon conviction of driving with a BAC greater than 0.08, offenders face the following jail sentences along with stiff fines: • First offense: one year license suspension, minimum 3 days imprisonment, $1200 fine, mandatory Driver Rehabilitation Course, one year enrollment in ignition interlock program • Second offense: three year license suspension, minimum 30 days imprisonment, enrollment in ignition interlock program • Third or greater offense: five year license suspension, minimum 90 day imprisonment, enrollment in ignition interlock program If you are apprehended for impaired driving and your actions have caused bodily harm to others, you can face substantially stiffer consequences. Drivers who have been convicted of driving while impaired must complete the Driver Rehabilitation Course to have their license reinstated. The course consists of two three-hour sessions in which participants learn about the risks of drinking and driving. Courses are held in Montague, Summerside and Charlottetown and offenders are expected to pay for the program fee upfront. In closing I believe in ‘mass media’ campaigns which spread messages about the physical dangers and legal consequences of drunk driving. They persuade people not to drink and drive and encourage them to keep other drivers from doing so. Campaigns are most effective when supporting other impaired driving prevention strategies. J. David Poirier Chief of Police Summerside Police Services MESSAGE FROM SUMMERSIDE CHIEF OF POLICE

14 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE PEI PROFESSIONAL BOOKKEEPING SERVICES INC. 456 Main Street, PO Box 422 Alberton, PE C0B 1B0 Phone: (902) 231-3055 Fax: (902) 726-3457 Nancy Pitre Business Owner FUNERAL HOME & CHAPEL (1979) LTD Modern Air Conditioned Funeral Home & Chapel Pre-Arranged Funerals Ira M. Moase, Owner and Director Licensed Embalmer John W. MacIsaac, Director Licensed Embalmer 7 Sunset Drive PO Box 540, Kensington, PE C0B 1M0 Tel: 902 836-3313 Fax: 902 836-4461 Email: Agent for Heritage Memorials Waugh’s Food Center 650 Water Street East, Summerside, PEI C1N 4J1 Proprietor: Blair Waugh Phone: 902-436-9511 J.E.B. Footwear (in association with Dr. K Bettles-Podiatrist) 554 North River Road Charlottetown, PEI (902) 892-7043 Happy Feet help make a happy you proudly supporting the PEI Police Association Darin MacBeth 120 Dale Drive Stratford PE C1B 1C2 Ph: 902.368.1140 Fax: 902.892.5045 Duane MacBeth 10604 TCH, Rte 1 Mount Hebert, PE C1B 0T3 Ph: 902.368.1140 Fax: 902.566.2110 Office Email address: 24-HOUR RN CARE REGULAR DOCTOR VISITS PRIVATE OR SEMI PRIVATE UNITS CLOSE TO ALL AMENITIES 82 BEDS, 68 NURSING, 14 COMMUNITY CARE PLANNED ACTIVITY SCHEDULE HOME COOKED MEALS Nursing License No. 4 Community Care License No. 26 (902) 659-2337 (902) 659-2865 BELFAST • Summerside • Alberton • Montague • Morell Gerald Dykerman Travis Dykerman Bus: (902) 964-3200 Fax: (902) 964-2685 Cell: (902) 393-4805 Mailing Address: 1067 Millboro Road North Wiltshire, R.R. 4 PE C0A 1Y0


16 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE AUTO BODY Phone # (902) 368-3827 PREFERRED INSURANCE REPAIR FACILITY “LIFETIME” GUARANTEE ON COLLISION REPAIRS Matt Koughan Steve Perry Sam Koughan Prince Edward Island Mutual Insurance Company 116 Walker Avenue, Summerside, Prince Edward Island C1N 6V9 Tel: (902) 436-2185 1-800-565-5441 Fax: (902) 436-0148 Email: Website: Jean Allain Vice-President & Manager 314 South Winsloe Rd. PO Box 146, Winsloe, PE C1E 1Z2 T 902.368.1011 C902.628.9564 F 902.368.3702 Proud to support the P.E.I. Police Association Serving PEI since 1969 491 Main Street, Alberton 902-231-HAIR (4247) Hot Water Steamunits Mobile Disinfecting Solutions EST. 2005 Mobile Pressure Washing Industrial • Residential • Commercial Jeff Patterson 940-6033 WARREN’S CARPENTRY 850 Read Drive Summerside, PE C1N 4J8 902.436.2236 KIDS MEAL $299 FOR Plus Tax Your choice of 4 piece Chicken Tenders, Hamburger, or Cheeseburger, served with your choice of small side, a small drink and a toy! Expiry: December 31, 2017 473 University Avenue, Charlottetown 902-566-5398 Please present coupon before ordering. Limit one per customer per visit. Not to be used with any other coupons or offers. Sales tax applicable

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 17 PEIPA SUPPORTS THE COMMUNITY WINSLOW CHARLOTTETOWN ROYALS FC The PEIPA is an annual sponsor of the WINSLOW CHARLOTTETOWN ROYALS FC SOCCER TOURNAMENTwhich plays host to many boys and girls from across PEI and the Atlantic region. WWW.WINSLOECHARLOTTETOWNROYALSFCTOURNAMENT.CA Under 13 Boys Premier South Shore United were silver medalists Charlottetown Cst. Trevor Monaghan represented PEIPA at the Early Bird Hockey Tournament. PEIPA was a major sponsor of the event. Individual trophies were awarded to the winners. EARLY BIRD HOCKEY TOURNAMENT

18 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 1(800) 670-1012 P.O. Box 1328, Charlottetown, PEI, C1A 7N2 Harold’s AutoRepair Major to minor repairs to all makes and models. Serving the community with over 35 years of excellence. 1 (902) 882-3897 MON- FRI 8AM- 5PMTignish, PE Compliments of the Staff from: CHARLOTTETOWN BOTTLE AND METALS LIMITED Dealers in copper brass, radiators, batteries, steel, bottles, etc. BILL KINNEY Bus: (902) 566-9897 Res: (902) 566-3238 Mailing Address: PO Box 1136, Cornwall PE C0A 1H0 Authorized dealer for: Shaw Direct and Xplornet Satellite Internet Installations, Parts & Accessories Covering PEI 1 (902) 394-2774 Open until midnight Brian Foley Owner Foley’s Transfer Moving and Storage “Peace of mind at moving time” 9 Walker Drive Charlottetown, PEI C1A 8S5 Tel: 902-894-9914 Cell: 902-393-5318 Toll Free: 1-877-854-7398 Fax: 902-566-4851 Email: NATIVE COUNCIL OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Phone: (902) 892-5314 Fax: (902) 368-7464 Toll Free: 1-877-591-3003 6 F.J. McAulay Court Charlottetown, PE C1A 9M7

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 19 PEIPA SUPPORTS THE COMMUNITY Mid-Isle Wildcats North River Flames (Bantam A) – Provincial Championships (Midget) sponsored by the PEIPA

20 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE WARD COMMUNICATIONS INC. FOUR 85 Belvedere Avenue, Charlottetown, PE C1A 6B2 MacRae’s Backhoe &Trucking Specializing in septic systems, gravel, topsoil and landscaping. Backhoe, excavator, dozer & truck rentals. RR#2,Vernon Bridge, PE C0A 2E0 902.651.2489 or 902.393.0099 MacFadyen Farms Ltd RR#1 Borden Carleton, PE C0B 1X0 902.437.2322 O’Leary 351 Main Street Box 274, O’Leary, PE C0B 1V0 Ph: 902-859-2768 Fax: 902-859-1311 Tyne Valley 7027 Barlow Road Tyne Valley Ph: 902-831-2500 Jeff Pilkington Owner 969 Blue Shank Road Summerside, PE C1N 4J9 T 902.436.9446 C 902.315.1780 T: 506.453.1404 C: 506.470.0702 F: 506.452.7079 GDI Services (Canada) LP 475 Wilsey Rd., P.O. Box 426 Fredericton NB E3B 4Z9 Michael Brewer General Manager - NB & PE

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 21 PEIPA SUPPORTS THE COMMUNITY Sergeant Ron MacLean making a financial donation to Principal Doug Doyle, Summerside Intermediate School, to assist with the Breakfast Buddies Program. Constable Travis Turner with the Summerside Capital Midget A Hockey team. Montague Midget All Stars

22 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE Custom Kitchens•New Homes•General Carpentry KING WOK RESTAURANT Specializing in Chinese Food (902) 436-6333 Fast Take-Out Service Excellent Canadian Food Eat In or Take Out 239 Water Street, Summerside 499 Church St. Alberton PE C0B 1B0 (902) 853-2750 PH:(902) 892-6577 FX:(902) 566-4208 2 Upton Rd. Charlottetown PE C1E 0H4 JJ’S Towing & Recovery (902) 303-4086 116 Greenwood Dr. Summerside, PE C1N 4S6 Royal Canadian Legion Branch #5 340 Notre Dame Street Summerside, PE C1N 1S5 PO Box 135 Lennox Island, PE C0B 1P0 902.831.2779

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 23 PEIPA SUPPORTS THE COMMUNITY Sgt. Ron MacLean making a financial donation to Sharon MacAusland representing the Summerside Figure Skating Club. The PEIPA donating $400 to Pam MacKinnon, Community Youth Worker with Youth Justice Services. The “Girls Group” program is a very successful program for at-risk youth. Greenfield Principal Sandra Jay receiving a financial donation for the Breakfast Program from Sgt. Ron MacLean. Making Waves is a peer-led discussion group about healthy relationships, internet safety, and good life choices. College of Piping Instructor Chris Coleman with Constables Quinn and Shea

24 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE MURRAY RIVER 9440 Main St, Murray River, PE, C0A 1W0 (902) 962-2707 419 Main Street, Alberton, PE C0B 1B0 902.853.2811 fax. 902.853.3444

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 25 Jeff Mellish Owner (902) 940-5140 Summerside (902) 724-3411 COD Deliveries Cash, Debit,Visa or Master Card

26 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE PEIPA SUPPORTS THE COMMUNITY PEIPA is a proud supporter of Mental Health awareness. Dr. Stan Kutcher presented “Let’s Talk Smart” to students in Charlottetown and Summerside to raise awareness about mental health Corporal Jennifer Driscoll making a financial donation on behalf of the PEIPA to Sarah Wilson representing the Boys and Girls Club Summerside. Constable Ron Kennedy making a financial donation to Captain Barrington Duffy of the Pownal Taco Boys Red Devils Midget AAA Hockey Team. Coach Shane MacEachern looks on.

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 27 It is an offence to drive, or have care or control of a motor vehicle, while your ability to drive is impaired by alcohol or any other drug. Impairment is shown by physical symptoms, such as slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, the smell of alcohol, unsteadiness on your feet or a lack of co-ordination. It may also be shown by the way you drive. IMPAIRED DRIVING IS THE GREATEST CAUSE OF CRIMINAL INJURY AND DEATH. It is essential to understand the effect of any drug you are taking before operating a motor vehicle. Mood-altering (psychoactive) drugs are of particular concern because they can change the way you think, behave and physically respond. The following is a partial list of mood-altering drugs: DEPRESSANTS: • Alcohol • Sedatives (Halcion) • Minor Tranquillizers (Valium, Ativan) • Narcotic analgesics (heroin, morphine, codeine, Talwin) STIMULANTS: • Amphetamines • Cocaine OTHER: • Hallucinogens (LSD, MDA, mescaline) • Cannabis (marijuana, hashish) Some prescription mood-altering drugs include antidepressants such as Prozac and other medications for depression, manic depression and psychosis. For information on the effects and potential side effects of a mood-altering drug ask your pharmacist or doctor. Mixing alcohol with other drugs can cause a serious reaction. This is especially dangerous when the use of a motor vehicle is involved. For example: • Two drinks of an alcoholic beverage in combination with one normal dose of a common tranquilizer equals the impairment level produced by six drinks. Remember that one bottle of beer is equal to one and a quarter ounces of liquor or four ounces of wine. • Two drinks of an alcoholic beverage and one light dose of marijuana can equal the impairment produced by five drinks. If you are taking medication or a drug, know what the results of "mixing" will be before drinking. This advice is true whether the drug is by a doctor's prescription, "off the shelf" or "off the street". IMPAIRED DRIVING

28 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE EWAN STETSON CONTRACTOR STETSON’S ELECTRIC LTD. RESIDENTIAL - INDUSTRIAL O’LEARY RR #3 UNIONVALE, P.E.I C0B 1V0 1261 O’LEARY ROAD RES: (902) 859-2669 CELLULAR: (902)853-7214 CAPTAIN COOKE’S SEAFOOD INC 23675 Trans Canada Highway Borden-Carleton, PE C0B 1X0 (902) 437-3620 - New Home and Renovations - UV Lights / Water Softeners - Condensing Propane Boilers - 24/7 Service - Geo Heat Pumps - Video Inspection North River Fire Department Mailing Address: P.O. Box 269, Cornwall, PE C0A 1H0 Physical Address: 66 Trans Canada Hwy Tel: (902) 566-2550 Fax: (902) 628-6341 email: We pack for travel Wide Variety of Fresh Seafood “Service is our Business” Peter McKearney Allen McKearney Full Line of Hotel & Motel, Restaurant and Janitorial Supplies and Products

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 29 Lloyd Cudmore - P. ENG 4-G WALKER DRIVE BUS: (902) 892-8200 CHARLOTTETOWN, PE FAX: (902) 892-5155 C1A 8S6 EMAIL: Island EMS is committed to enhancing pre-hospital care in Prince Edward Island while breaking new ground in ambulance service delivery through commitment to quality and exceeding the needs of patients. Medical Emergencies Dial 911 Non-Emergency Patient Transport 1-877-660-6644 Ambulance Billing Inquiries 1-888-420-1122 12 Redwood Avenue Slemon Park, PE., C0B 2A0 Phone: 1 (877) 782-9734, ask for Eric E-Mail: Web: Hotel&ConferenceCentre Providing accommodations, food services and classrooms and training facilities for Atlantic Police Academy, RCMP, JVI and Academy of Learning. We are proud to continue our support for the PEI Police Association Engine Services - Atlantic 800 Aero Space Blvd Hanger 8 Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0 Tel: 902-436-1333 Fax: 902-436-0777 PETER J. PIERRE M.A., C. PSYCH. CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST 454 GRANVILLE ST, BOX 28 SUMMERSIDE, PE C1N 4P6 TEL: 902.436.6799 FAX: 902.436.5068 EMAIL: 2 Centennial Drive Cornwall, PE C0A 1H0 902-370-7267 The Lt. Col. E.W. Johnstone Royal Canadian Legion Branch #9 88 VICTORIASTREET WEST KENSINGTON, PEI C0B 1M0 902-836-3229 KENLEGION9@HOTMAIL.COM Dr. Guy Boswall 591 North River Road Charlottetown, PE C1E 1J7 902-892-3200

30 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE Penalities and Consequences If you drive impaired, there are several legal consequences: • You can receive a 24-hour roadside suspension of your driver's license. • You can be charged with a crime under the federal Criminal Code and sentenced in criminal court to a fine and/or time in jail. • You can lose your driver's license under the provincial Highway Traffic Act and be prohibited by the criminal court from operating a motor vehicle on any street, road, highway or any other public place in Canada. • You can be required to take treatment programs for problems with alcohol. • Your vehicle can be impounded and you will be responsible for towing and storage charges. • Your car insurance rates will increase. • If people are injured or killed, or their property damaged, you can be sued or sent to jail. There are penalties and consequences both under the PEI Highway Traffic Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. The Highway Traffic Act allows for the following: • An immediate 24-hour roadside suspension of your license • An administrative driving prohibition of 90 days effective 7 days after your 24 hour roadside suspension. • Impoundment of your vehicle for 30 days if you are driving while suspended and have been convicted of driving while suspended or prohibited under the Criminal Code of Canada in the past two years. • Impoundment of your vehicle for 60 days for a second offense of driving while suspended or prohibited under the Criminal Code of Canada within two years and have been convicted of driving while suspended in the past two years. Impoundment of your vehicle for 6 months when charged with: • any offence under the Criminal Code of Canada involving a motor vehicle where there is death or serious injury, or • an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada for impaired driving and there has been a previous conviction in the past 10 years for death or serious injury, • or an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada for impaired or prohibited driving and there have been 2 or more similar convictions under the Criminal Code of Canada in the past 10 years. IMPAIREDDRIVING CONTINUED

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 31 PENALTIES IF YOU ARE CONVICTED OF IMPAIRED DRIVING: Cancellation of your driver's license under PEI's Highway Traffic Act • 1st offence - 1 year • 2nd offence - 3 years • 3rd and subsequent offences - 5 years Driving Prohibition Orders The Prohibition Order is a driving ban for all motorized vehicles which includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, ATVs, snowmobiles, tractors etc. Convicted offenders in PEI also receive jail time, large fines ($1000 or more) and payment of a Victims of Crime Surcharge. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, as part of the sentence, the judge will also issue: • 1st offence - minimum 1 year • 2nd offence - minimum 2 years • 3rd and subsequent offence - minimum 3 years *Note these are minimum times and can be increased by the judge based on the severity of the offence. Getting your licence back You do not automatically get your driver's license back at the end of your cancellation period. You must re-apply and pay a $500 reinstatement fee. You must also meet the following requirements: The Ignition Interlock Device is mandatory for all driver's convicted of impaired driving in PEI. • 1st offence - 1 year • 2nd offence - 2 years • 3rd and subsequent offences - 5 years An additional one year is added to the required term for the ignition Interlock if the driver, at the time of the impaired charge, had a passenger in the vehicle under the age of 16. Mandatory Ignition Interlock terms for drivers convicted of a second or subsequent offence after July 7, 2014: • 2nd offence - BAC reading at the time of the offence 160 or below - 2 years • 2nd offence - BAC greater than 160 - 5 years • 2nd offence - Refusing the breathalyzer - 5 years After completing the mandatory ignition interlock term, the driver is issued a Restricted ZERO BAC Driver's License for a period of three years. It is an offence to operate a motor vehicle with any alcohol in your system when holding a Restricted Zero BAC Driver's Licence. • 3rd and subsequent offence - 10 years After completing five clean years of the 10 year mandatory Ignition Interlock Term, the driver may apply to the Registrar of Motor Vehicle for a Restricted Zero BAC Driver`s Licence and a Specially Coded Zero BAC License Plate. If the application is approved, the driver can complete the remaining five years of the Ignition Interlock term with a Restricted Zero IMPAIREDDRIVING CONTINUED

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27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 33 DANIEL R. ROSS INC. POTATOES, BEEF CATTLE BELFAST, RR # 3 PE C0A 1AO BUS: (902) 659-2283 CANADA RES: (902) 659-2711 425 University Ave. Charlottetown, PE (902) 566-6708 Dr. Sheila McIver | Dr. Tamara Goff | Dr. Andrea Studzinski (902) 368-8374 375 Trans-Canada Hwy Cornwall, Prince Edward Island C0A 1H0 Office 902-963-2352 1-800-665-2352 HENNIE HOEKSTRA Route 13 Cavendish, PE Hunter River, RR#3 PE Canada C0A 1N0 Marco Polo Land inc. Camping & Trailering Resort LEARY’S • Grocery Items • Deli Items • Prepared Foods • Lotto Machine • Bank Machine Cornwall Plaza, Cornwall Open Sunday 12-5 pm 628-6787 (902) 626-7718 1 Harbourside Apt 48 Charlottetown, PE C1A 8R4

34 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE BAC Driver's License and a Specially Coded Zero BAC License Plate. It is an offence to operate a motor vehicle with any alcohol in your system when holding a Restricted Zero BAC Driver's License and to operate a vehicle with the Specially Coded License Plate. *Note - Violating the Zero BAC Driver's License or operating a vehicle without a Specially Coded License plate carries a fine of $1500 to $2000, 12 demerit points and a 1 year cancellation. Additional requirements to get your licence back 1ST OFFENCE You must complete the driver's rehabilitation course which is a five hour educational program on impaired driving and the effects of drugs and alcohol, put on by Highway Safety Division. • Your are placed on Administrative Probation for one year and must follow the terms and conditions of the Probation Order. 2ND OFFENCE You must have an interview with a driver improvement officer and complete a driver risk analysis. If you are considered low-risk or medium-risk for reoffending, you will be referred to the driver rehabilitation program. If you are considered high-risk, you will be referred to Addiction Services for an assessment and treatment program recommendations. • You must complete the recommended program before you can apply to have your licence reinstated. • You are placed on Administrative Probation for 2 to 5 years and must follow the terms and conditions of the Probation Order. 3RD AND SUBSEQUENT OFFENCES • You must have an assessment by an Addiction Services counsellor. If the counsellor says you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you must successfully complete whatever treatment is recommended. • The Registrar of Motor Vehicles can refuse to give you back your driver's licence if he or she does not think your driving problem has improved or if you are deemed to be a risk. You are placed on Administrative Probation for 10 years and must follow the terms and conditions of the Probation Order. Your Car Insurance A drinking and driving conviction affects your car insurance. If you have an accident while drinking, your insurance company may not pay for injuries to you or your passengers, or for damage to your vehicle. It will usually pay for injuries or property damage to others. Whether there was an accident or not, a conviction for drinking and driving means an increase in your car insurance premiums. The insurance company could refuse to insure you in the future. It is against the law to drive without insurance. The insurance consequences are the same for all drinking and driving offences. It is not true that the insurance company treats you more lightly if you are convicted of refusal. Government of P.E.I. IMPAIREDDRIVING CONTINUED

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 35 Roadside oral fluid drug screeners Following a legal roadside stop, law enforcement would be authorized to demand that a driver provide an oral fluid sample if they reasonably suspect that a driver has drugs in their body. A positive reading would assist in developing reasonable grounds to believe that an offence has been committed. Once the officer has reasonable grounds to believe an offence has been committed, they could demand a drug evaluation by an “evaluating officer”, or a blood sample. Drug-impaired driving offences The legislation would also create three new offences for having specified levels of a drug in the blood within two hours of driving. The penalties would depend on the drug type and the levels of drug or the combination of alcohol and drugs. These elements were included in the proposed legislation after careful consideration of the available scientific evidence on cannabis and driving. The levels would be set by regulation. For THC (the main psychoactive compound in cannabis), the proposed levels would be: • 2 NANOGRAMS (NG) BUT LESS THAN 5NG OF THC: Having at least 2 ng but less than 5 ng of THC per millilitre (ml) of blood within two hours of driving would be a separate summary conviction criminal offence, punishable only by a fine. This lower level offence is a precautionary approach that takes into account the best available scientific evidence related to cannabis. This offence would be punishable by a maximum fine of up to $1,000. • 5NG OR MORE OF THC: Having 5 ng or more of THC per ml of blood within two hours of driving would be a hybrid offence. Hybrid offences are offences that can be prosecuted either by indictment, in more serious cases, or by summary conviction, in less serious cases. • COMBINED THC AND ALCOHOL: Having a blood alcohol concentration of 50 milligrams (mg) of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, combined with a THC level greater than 2.5 ng per ml of blood within two hours of driving would also be a hybrid offence. Both hybrid offences would be punishable by mandatory penalties of $1,000 for a first offence and escalating penalties for repeat offenders (e.g., 30 days imprisonment on a second offence and 120 days on a third or subsequent offence). The maximum penalties would mirror the existing maximum penalties for impaired driving. These would be increased in Part 2 to two years less a day on summary conviction (up from 18 months), and to 10 years on indictment (up from 5 years). The latter would make a dangerous offender application possible in appropriate circumstances. Strengthening Existing Framework The proposed legislation would strengthen the existing drug-impaired driving provisions in the Criminal Code. These amendments would codify the Supreme Court of Canada’s recent decision in R v Bingley that certified drug evaluating officers do not need to be qualified through an expert witness hearing before being allowed to give opinion testimony on whether a driver was impaired. The proposed legislation would also provide police with the option to pursue a drug recognition evaluation or a blood sample in situations where they have reasonable grounds to believe an offence has occurred. This could save valuable time when testing for drugs, such as THC, that leave the blood very quickly. DRUG-IMPAIRED DRIVING

36 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE MEMBERSH I P SPEC I ALS UNT I L MARCH 31ST 1 Greens View Drive, Charlottetown, PE (902) 566-5542 The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 8 PO Box 59, 15 Douces Road Montague, PE C0A 1R0 902.838.2351 Proudly Serving Veterans and their Families in 47 Communities for over 83 Years PO Box 205, Morell, PE C0A 1S0 902.961.3330 PROUD SPONSORS of the PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND POLICE ASSOCIATION Prince Edward Island Union of Public Sector Employees Partners in the Community 420 University Avenue, Suite 110 Charlottetown, PE C1A 7Z5 Tel: (902) 368-7289 Email: “Working to improve the sustainability of Island farms & farm families” Jacques Cartier Memorial Arena 349 Church Street Alberton, PE C0B 1B0 Ph: 902·853·2858 Fax: 902·853·3675

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 37 CON SOL I DAT ED 2175 Comptons Road Heatherdale, PE C0A 1R0 902838-3600 410 Mount Edward Road, Unit 1 Charlottetown, PE C1E 2A1 902.367.4646 108 Greenwood Drive Summerside, PE C1N 4S6 (902) 888-3588

38 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE MYTH: HYPOVENTILATION (HOLDING YOUR BREATH) OR HYPERVENTILATION (BREATHING REALLY HARD) AFFECTS THE READINGS. FACT: The only factor that will lower your reading on the Intoxilyzer, is giving your body time to burn off the alcohol. Hypoventilation and hyperventilation only make you dizzy and appear drunk. MYTH: IT IS BETTER TO REFUSE TO GIVE A BREATH SAMPLE. FACT: Refusing to provide a sample either at the roadside or at the station is a separate and additional offence. You may be charged with the refusal in addition to impaired driving in Canada and end up with another separate charge that you have to fight and possible additional penalties. MYTH: I MUST BE OKAY TO DRIVE WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND DO NOT FEEL DRUNK. FACT: Alcohol stays in your system regardless of whether you sleep or remain awake. While the time you were sleeping does affect how much your body burns off, and you may wake up in the morning not feeling impaired, you may still have a BAC that is over 80. Remember that it takes about two hours to burn off each drink, so a person who has 10 standard sized drinks, normally needs about 20 hours to get back to a zero BAC. MYTH: IF I ONLY HAVE ONE DRINK AN HOUR I WILL BE OKAY. FACT: The average 150lb male only burns off one standard drink about every two hours. MYTH: COFFEE, A COLD SHOWER, A LARGE MEAL OR OTHER HOME REMEDIES WILL HELP. FACT: Only time will allow your body to burn off the alcohol. MYTH: BEING CHARGED WITH “OVER 80” AND “IMPAIRED” IS THE SAME THING. FACT: These are two separate charges under the Criminal Code. While you cannot be convicted of both arising out of the same incident, they are different. “Over 80” is the amount of alcohol in your blood while “impaired” deals with the effects of alcohol on you. A good way to think of it is that an experienced drinker may have a number of drinks and end up with a blood alcohol content that exceeds 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood, but his or her behaviour is not changed and thus is not impaired. The flip side would be a “rookie drinker” who has two drinks. This person’s blood alcohol content would not exceed 80mg but the alcohol hits him or her hard; he or she begins to have problems with coordination and his or her ability to operate a motor vehicle may be impaired. MYTH: ALL PEOPLE REACT THE SAME WAY TO ALCOHOL. FACT: As illustrated above, different people are affected differently by alcohol. Factors such as drinking experience and age affect how alcohol impacts their abilities in impaired cases while factors such as weight and gender affect the quantities of alcohol in a person’s blood in over 80 cases. TOP MYTHS ABOUT IMPAIRED DRIVING IN CANADA

27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 39 MYTH: MY CAR KEYS WEREN’T IN THE IGNITION SO I CAN’T BE CHARGED. FACT: The law says that you can be charged if you are in care and control. You are presumed to be in care and control if you are in the driver’s seat. Even if you aren’t in the driver’s seat the Crown Attorney can still prove that you were in care and control through other factors. Some people have been found guilty while changing a tire, filling the car up with gas or even phoning a tow. MYTH: THE OFFICER HAS TO GIVE YOU A ROADSIDE TEST. FACT: If the officer believes you to be obviously impaired, he or she does not need to give you a roadside test but can arrest you and take you directly to the station to provide a test. Even if they do not get tests at the station, you may still be convicted of impaired driving in Canada given your physical attributes when the police come across you. Without the BAC readings you just cannot be charged with over 80 (because there is no way to prove the amount of alcohol in your blood). MYTH: A PARDON ERASES ANY PRIOR RECORD. FACT: A pardon erases the criminal conviction, however, it does not affect your Ministry of Transportation record and the MT will suspend your licence based on their records, not your criminal record. MYTH: PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS FROM OTHER PROVINCES OR THE USA DON’T COUNT. FACT: Convictions from New York, Michigan or any Canadian province count towards MT suspensions. Convictions from other provinces also count towards Criminal Code penalties. MYTH: WHEN THE JUDGE SENTENCES ME, THAT IS THE FINAL WORD ON PENALTY. FACT: While the criminal sentence is important, it is not the end of things. The MT has a sentencing scheme that is separate from any criminal punishment. The MT will take your licence for one year on a first conviction, three years on a second conviction and for life on a third. There is a chance you can get your licence back after 10 years after a third conviction, but if caught a fourth time there is no chance to ever get it back. Furthermore, you will have to have the Interlock device installed for the same amount of time as the suspension after the suspension is completed. i.e., one year on a first conviction, three years on a second conviction and for the rest of your life on a third conviction if your suspension is for 10 years. A person’s MT record only rehabilitates after 10 years without a conviction. Strangely, the MT consequences are often more serious than the criminal Court’s consequences. MYTH: THE ONLY COST I FACE IS THE FINE IMPOSED. FACT: The fine imposed is only one cost you face. The loss of your licence, the embarrassment of having the Interlock device installed, the cost of the Interlock device (around $1500/year), the increased insurance rates, having to take the “Back on Track” program and the cost of the program and having a criminal record which can interfere with employment and/or travel, are only some of the costs you face. Some studies have indicated that if you are convicted, the direct financial costs are typically between $20,000 and $30,000. TOP MYTHS ABOUT IMPAIRED DRIVING IN CANADA CONTINUED

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27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 41 The statistics for motor vehicle crashes and impairment-related crashes among young drivers are alarming. • Young people have the highest rates of traffic death and injury per capita among all age groups and the highest death rate per kilometre driven among all drivers under 75 years of age. More 19-year-olds die or are seriously injured than any other age group. • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 16 to 25 year olds, and alcohol and/or drug impairment is a factor in 55% of those crashes. • 16-25 year olds constituted 13.6% of the population in 2010, but made up almost 33.4 % of the alcohol-related traffic deaths. Studies conclude that young drivers are overrepresented in road crashes for two primary reasons: inexperience and immaturity. Although young people are the least likely to drive impaired, the ones who do are at very high risk of collision. Driving while impaired by drugs is also a serious concern. Canadians between 14-25 years old have one of the highest rates cannabis use in the world. It’s the drug they use most after alcohol. Most young people see cannabis as a benign drug, far less dangerous than alcohol. They think driving under the influence of cannabis is risk free, despite the evidence that shows cannabis can shorten attention span, alter perception of time and distance and slow reaction times – all of which impair the driver’s ability to respond to sudden events in traffic. Characteristics of the Drinking and Driving ProblemAmong Youth OLDER TEENS: Of all the young drinking drivers who are killed or seriously injured, the smallest proportion is 16 years of age. The largest proportion is 19 years of age. MALES: Account for 87% of the young fatally injured drinking drivers and 89% of the seriously injured drinking drivers. SUMMERTIME: Young drinking drivers are most likely to be killed or injured in the summer (32.4% and 40.8% respectively) and least likely to be killed or injured in the winter (8% and 11.4% respectively). Weekend: A large percentage of young drinking drivers die or are seriously injured on the weekend. NIGHT TIME: The vast majority of young drinking drivers die or are seriously injured in crashes at night. AND IMPAIRED DRIVING YOUTH