27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 11 On behalf of Council and the City of Summerside I would like to convey my congratulations to the Prince Edward Island Police Association on their 27th Annual Crime Prevention Guide publication. This year’s theme “Driving Under The Influence” is an important and timely topic to educate and discuss with the public. Despite its small size and population, our Province arrests twice as many people every year for driving while impaired than the national average. Incidents of impaired driving have jumped 23 percent in the last decade in Prince Edward Island while the national average has steadily declined. The problems related to driving under the influence are complex with no simple solutions. I believe that education and enforcement will reduce the number and severity of highway collisions caused by impaired drivers. I extend congratulations to all the dedicated police officers who are committed to their jobs and through their skills and programs, ensure an exceptional quality of life here in the City of Summerside. Congratulations on your 27th publication of the Annual Crime Prevention Guide and many thanks to all for their dedication and the hard work that it takes to accomplish this publication. Sincerely, Mayor Bill Martin City of Summerside