27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 5 MESSAGE FROM THE PEIPA PRESIDENT EXECUTIVE MEMBERS On behalf of the Prince Edward Island Police Association I would like to thank Islanders for their continuous support of our Crime Prevention Guide. This year marks the 27th year of the Guide with this year’s topic being “Driving Under the Influence”. Impaired operation of a motor vehicle takes many forms and with proposed changes coming towards the legalization of marijuana we believed this year’s Guide to be timely. Police use all tools placed at their disposal to address impaired driving concerns by Islanders. All Islanders play a vital role in keeping our roadways safe and education continues to be an important mechanism to get the message out. With all the changes that are coming our way, the one thing that remains constant is that there is zero tolerance for driving while impaired. With over 124,597 vehicles registered for Island roads we all must remain vigilant in keeping commuters safe. Sincerely, Cst Tim Keizer President Prince Edward Island Police Association Ron Kennedy Vice-President East Jason Blacquiere Vice-PresidentWest Allan Kelly Recording Secretary Ron MacLean Secretary Treasurer Dale Corish DirectorWest THE PEI POLICE ASSOCIATION HAS SUPPORTEDTHE FOLLOWING GROUPS WITH FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS IN 2016-2017: “Let’s Talk Smart” Mental Health Program Breakfast Buddies Program College of Piping Early Bird Hockey Tournament Inner City Life Skills Children’s Camp MADD PEI Making Waves Provincial Midget Hockey Championships Ringette PEI Summerside Boys and Girls Club Summerside Figure Skating Club Winslow Charlottetown Royals FC Soccer Tournament Youth Justice Services - “Girls Group”