31 28TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE WHAT IS PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE? continued About Counterfeit Prescription Drugs Counterfeit drugs are not approved by Health Canada.They are made to look like brand name or generic prescription drugs to hide how they were produced and what they contain. Counterfeit drugs are not safe or effective, as they can be made with: • too much of the correct medicinal ingredients • not enough of the correct ingredients • no correct ingredients Counterfeit drugs can contain hidden ingredients that can seriously harm your health, including: • toxic chemicals • other prescription drugs • street drugs, such as illegally produced: • heroin • fentanyl • carfentanil Know what you are taking. If you take a medication, make sure you know your dosage and what your drug looks like. Find information on your prescription drug on the Drug and Health Product Register. Contact your pharmacist if your drug suddenly has a different: • size • taste • shape • colour How to avoid Counterfeit Prescription Drugs Buy your medications from licensed pharmacies only. Look for an 8-digit drug identification number (DIN) on the product label, or ask your pharmacist or health care provider for this information. Counterfeit prescription drugs can look identical to approved prescription drugs. SAMPLE LABEL Don't get drugs from: • friends • drug dealers • online sources that are not appropriately licensed • other non-licensed sources