47 CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS For ages 13 and up Questions... Family Violence Quiz Jessica and Daniel are sister and brother. Daniel is always calling Jessica names and making fun of her. Every morning, he says “hello ugly” to her and makes vulgar comments about her. He thinks it’s a big joke to snap her bra strap and pull on her underpants to give her a wedgie. On the way to school, he tries to trip her and pretends to push her into the traffic.When friends come over, he points to her and says “that’s my skunky sister”. He never misses a chance to put her down. Michael was supposed to be home at 10:00 p.m. but arrives at 10:30 p.m. after missing the bus.When he walks into the house, his mother is waiting for him. While Michael believes he has a good explanation for being late, his mother is extremely upset and starts yelling at him, refusing to listen to his explanation. She tells him that he is grounded for two weeks. When Ella was a young girl, her father would dress her in the morning and touch her in places where Ella thought was wrong. Now that she is a teenager, he still wants to help her get dressed and touches her breasts when he puts on her bra.When she asks him to stop, he says he is her father and it’s just their secret little game. Ella has told her mother but her mother doesn’t seem to believe her. Robert is watching TV when he hears his mother and father getting into another argument. He doesn’t know how the argument started but hears his father yelling at his mother.This time the yelling gets worse and he sees his father punch his mother in the face. His mother runs into the bathroom and locks herself in to protect herself while his father threatens to kick her out of the house. 1. YES Jane’s elderly grandmother lives in the house with her, her brother, her father and her step-mother. Jane’s step-mother is always putting down the grandmother – calling her names, ignoring her and sometimes even taking money from her wallet without her grandmother knowing. The step-mother threatens Jane’s grandmother that she will kick her out of the house if she gives her a tough time. Jane has told her father but he says he has not seen any problems and his mother has not complained to him. Whenever Jimmy misbehaved as a young boy, his father would spank him with his hand. Now, instead of spanking him with his hand, Jimmy’s father takes a belt or ruler to hit him. It hurts. Jimmy feels powerless and miserable. He has asked his father to stop but his father tells him that this is the only way he learns to behave. On some days, Alexa has been coming home from school over the past few weeks to find her baby brother Marcus home alone in his crib with a bottle of milk. Many times Marcus’ diapers are soiled and the milk has gone sour.When Alexa’s mother does come home she explains that she had some errands to do and couldn’t take the baby with her but made sure that the doors were locked and that Marcus had a bottle in the crib in case he got hungry. Sabrina’s parents are divorced and she lives primarily with her mother but visits her father every second weekend. She loves both her parents but she has always been afraid of her dad. He used to yell at Sabrina and beat up her mom when he got drunk. Since her parents’ separation he has become more aggressive and threw Sabrina down the stairs on her last visit with him. She doesn’t want to be alone with him or be with him while he’s drinking. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. NO YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO Answers on page 49