59 CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS How to identify a safe adult Do you need someone to talk to? A safe adult is someone who is accountable, respects your boundaries and doesn’t ask you to keep secrets from others. Speaking to a safe adult can help you feel listened to and decide on next steps. There are many ways to identify a safe adult in your life.A safe adult is: •Thoughtful: the person actively listens to you and believes you when you tell them something. •Trustworthy: the person is dependable, a confidant and someone you feel comfortable talking to. • Respectful: the person is mindful and considerate of your feelings - and your boundaries. • Helpful: the person provides guidance and helps you find solutions to problems. • Caring: the person does what’s best for you, puts you first and cares about your mental and emotional well-being and physical safety. Who is a safe adult in your life? A safe adult in your life may be a relative, friend, teacher, guidance counsellor or anyone else you feel comfortable with and can trust. If you need a safe adult to talk to, you can always call a Kids Help Phone counsellor at 1-800-668-6868.