11 message from the mayor of summerside 20th annual crime prevention guide On behalf of the City of Summerside, I wish to offer sincere congratulations to the Prince Edward Island Police Association for producing the 20th Annual Awareness Guide, 2010 edition, which this year focuses on Child Abuse Prevention within our communities. You are to be commended for the work which you perform as Police Officers. Through this Guide, along with the many crime prevention programs which members are involved in, both in an official police capacity and on a volunteer basis, you make not only our City, but all communities across Prince Edward Island, a better and safer place in which to live and work. Once again, please accept our best wishes to everyone involved in the Prince Edward Island Police Association. As well, I take the opportunity of congratulating you on the 20th publication of the Community Awareness Guide. Sincerely, Basil L. Stewart, Mayor City of Summerside