15 26TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE MESSAGE FROM CHARLOTTETOWN’S CHIEF OF POLICE This year marks the twenty-sixth anniversary for the PEl Police Association. Part of the work of the Association involves the production of an annual crime prevention/awareness guide. Each year the guide provides educational material and information which helps raise awareness and provide discussion points on an important issue facing our communities. This year the guide focuses on the issue of Domestic Terrorism and more specifically Radicalization of Youth. We live in a widely changing world amid many areas of turmoil and unrest. With reported increases in Canadian, American and British citizens joining the ranks of terrorist organizations, the mindset of a terrorist, as being from a disadvantaged or marginalized country, striking at the western values from abroad, is slowly fading. Radicalization of youth is becoming one of the most important threats of international terrorism in the world today. Socially isolated, disenchanted youth turn to extremism in their search for identity, acceptance and purpose. The need to combat radicalization, is placed on the shoulders of law enforcement, but the community has to share the burden if it is to be successful in this battle. Communication between all levels of government and community is vital for the success of deradicalization. Education and information are key components to making our communities safer. The information provided in this guide; coupled with your willingness to talk about the issue with a friend, family member, co-worker can be the first step in addressing such issues. The production of this guide and other guides not only raise awareness on important issues, but also assist the Police Association in the efforts to fund and support very worthwhile projects within our Island communities. On behalf of the members and staff of the Charlottetown Police Services, I would like to congratulate the PEl Police Association for the production of this year’s community guide, and wish the Association every success in the future. Yours truly, A. Paul Smith, O.O.M. Chief of Police