17 26TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE PEIPA SUPPORTS THE COMMUNITY Norma McColeman (East Prince Family Violence Prevention Services), Det/Corporal Ron MacLean (PEIPA President) & Vickie Deveau (East Prince Family Violence Prevention Services). The PEIPA has been a long-time supporter of East Prince Family Violence Prevention Services. PEIPA member Constable Lindsay Rogers making a financial donation to Karen Hatcher, Executive Director of the College of Piping. Throughout the year the PEIPA partnered up with various organizations like the “Y’s Men”,“100 Women”, various Educational Institutions and the Youth to enrich the lives of young Islanders to prepare them for life's challenges. Shown here is Constable Keizer (PEIPA Executive member), Colonel Grey High School students, with Tyler Larter (YouthWorker – Colonel Grey) ) and Cst. Gallant. Constable Kennedy making a donation to Kenny MacDougall of the Eastern Express AAA Bantam Hockey Team. The PEIPA recently purchased sweatsuits for the Island Wrestling Academy as shown here by Clay Campbell and Daniel Moase. Corporal Jason Blacquiere with Logan MacDougall (Three Oaks Senior High) and Constable Brett Montgomery. The PEIPA & the Summerside Police Union purchased uniforms for the Mens AAA Basketball Team in honour of their 40th anniversary. Det/Corporal Ron MacLean and Constable AmyWalfield with students from Greenfield Elementary School. The PEIPA has been a long- time supporter of the Breakfast Program. Summerside Police Officers donate their time feeding the students breakfast.