48 26TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE continued... PROPORTIONATE AND MEASURED RESPONSE A proportionate and measured response to terrorism is the best way to act consistently with Canadian values and to preserve community support for counter-terrorism efforts. Canada’s approach to terrorism will be proportionate to the threat, neither an overreaction nor an underreaction. As security is a fundamental human right, the Government of Canada will uphold this right in a manner consistent with other Canadian rights and freedoms. Accordingly, the measures taken must be carefully designed to reasonably manage the actual threat while minimizing interference with the public as people go about daily activities. A FLEXIBLE AND FORWARD-LOOKING APPROACH Canada’s response to terrorism must anticipate how the threat will evolve over time. Equally, Canada’s efforts will focus on prevention and address factors that make individuals susceptible to violent extremist ideologies. Terrorist groups adapt their techniques and capabilities to their operating environment. They use new technologies, respond to international and domestic events, and create new organizational structures and capabilities in response to domestic and international counterterrorism efforts. Canada’s approach to counter-terrorism will be flexible and forward-looking to anticipate and adapt to these changes by adjusting counter-terrorism activities and priorities. To maximize results under the Strategy, it must also address the factors that contribute to terrorism. For this reason, the Strategy seeks to address conditions that are conducive to terrorism through efforts, such as countering violent extremism and Canada’s Counterterrorism Capacity Building Program. ...continued AIM AND FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES