27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE 9 On behalf of the City of Charlottetown, I wish to congratulate the Prince Edward Island Police Association on the publication of the 27th Annual Crime Prevention Guide. The theme for this year is Impaired Driving; a topic of concern for all residents of Prince Edward Island. Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs remains one of the most prominent factors contributing to serious road crashes in Canada. Although considerable progress has been made over the past several decades, impaired drivers continue to present a significant risk to the safety of all road users. In the past, the term “impaired driving” has typically been interpreted as being impaired by alcohol. In recent years, the use of drugs by drivers has come to the public attention as a major contributor to serious crashes in Canada. Please make the best decisions while consuming alcohol. If you cannot drive, call a cab, a friend or family member. Never get behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs. Clifford J. Lee Mayor City of Charlottetown