34 27TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE BAC Driver's License and a Specially Coded Zero BAC License Plate. It is an offence to operate a motor vehicle with any alcohol in your system when holding a Restricted Zero BAC Driver's License and to operate a vehicle with the Specially Coded License Plate. *Note - Violating the Zero BAC Driver's License or operating a vehicle without a Specially Coded License plate carries a fine of $1500 to $2000, 12 demerit points and a 1 year cancellation. Additional requirements to get your licence back 1ST OFFENCE You must complete the driver's rehabilitation course which is a five hour educational program on impaired driving and the effects of drugs and alcohol, put on by Highway Safety Division. • Your are placed on Administrative Probation for one year and must follow the terms and conditions of the Probation Order. 2ND OFFENCE You must have an interview with a driver improvement officer and complete a driver risk analysis. If you are considered low-risk or medium-risk for reoffending, you will be referred to the driver rehabilitation program. If you are considered high-risk, you will be referred to Addiction Services for an assessment and treatment program recommendations. • You must complete the recommended program before you can apply to have your licence reinstated. • You are placed on Administrative Probation for 2 to 5 years and must follow the terms and conditions of the Probation Order. 3RD AND SUBSEQUENT OFFENCES • You must have an assessment by an Addiction Services counsellor. If the counsellor says you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you must successfully complete whatever treatment is recommended. • The Registrar of Motor Vehicles can refuse to give you back your driver's licence if he or she does not think your driving problem has improved or if you are deemed to be a risk. You are placed on Administrative Probation for 10 years and must follow the terms and conditions of the Probation Order. Your Car Insurance A drinking and driving conviction affects your car insurance. If you have an accident while drinking, your insurance company may not pay for injuries to you or your passengers, or for damage to your vehicle. It will usually pay for injuries or property damage to others. Whether there was an accident or not, a conviction for drinking and driving means an increase in your car insurance premiums. The insurance company could refuse to insure you in the future. It is against the law to drive without insurance. The insurance consequences are the same for all drinking and driving offences. It is not true that the insurance company treats you more lightly if you are convicted of refusal. Government of P.E.I. IMPAIREDDRIVING CONTINUED