39 28TH ANNUAL CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE Fentanyl is a powerful prescription painkiller about 100x more toxic than morphine. It is now being imported and sold illegally with tragic consequences. Fentanyl nicknames include: - Apache - China Girl - ChinaWhite - Dance Fever - Friend, Goodfella - Green beans - Jackpot - Murder 8 - Shady 80s -TNT -Tango and Cash. Overdose signs and symptoms: • Severe sleepiness • Slow, shallow breathing • Lips and nails turn blue • Person is unresponsive • Gurgling sounds or snoring • Cold and clammy skin • Tiny pupils WHAT IS FENTANYL? IF YOU SUSPECT AN OVERDOSE, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!!! FACTS: • Fentanyl has been mixed with other drugs such as heroin and cocaine. • It has been used in tablets made to look like prescription drugs. • Overdoses have occurred where individuals were not aware they were consuming fentanyl. • It is odourless and tasteless, and therefore hard to detect. • It is often found in powder, pill, liquid and blotter form. • 2 milligrams of pure fentanyl (the size of about 4 grains of salt) is enough to kill the average adult. • Unintentional exposure to pure fentanyl – touching or inhaling – can cause serious harm including death. • Fentanyl-related deaths have been increasing in Canada.