51 30TH ANNIVERSARY CRIME PREVENTION GUIDE How to choose cannabis products Reading a Cannabis Product Label If you’re unfamiliar with cannabis packaging, understanding all the information on the label can be confusing. Find out what everything means and what to be aware of. Health Canada strictly regulates the packaging and labelling requirements for legal recreational cannabis products. Therefore, licensed producers are required to share a lot of information about their product directly on the packaging.While this makes for a busy label, it’s also one that contains all the information you need to understand what you are buying.And, because the labeling is consistent for every product, if you understand one, you’ll understand them all. Cannabis labels have many of the standard elements you’d see on any product such as barcodes and brand logos in addition to storage information and health warnings.There are also a few unique items that warrant special attention: StrainTypes There are three main categories of cannabis strains: indica, sativa and hybrid. Each category has its own unique characteristics, which you can learn about here. Some cannabis labels may indicate what kind of strain category the product belongs to as well as the specific strain name given by the producer. Packaging and Expiry Dates Cannabis labels list the date that the cannabis was packaged. This packaging date is not indicative of when the product was harvested but rather when the finished product was placed and sealed in its final packaging. Expiry dates, which are directionally used to communicate the stability of the product in regards to potency, are not mandatory in Health Canada regulations, so some licensed producers will provide them, but many do not. ProductWeight While the weight of the product on the label may seem self-explanatory, it’s worth knowing that Health Canada does allow for slight weight variances in dried flower weight. The allowable variance is up to 10 per cent for products containing less than 2 grams, and 5 per cent for 2 grams or more. So, if you were to weigh your cannabis straight out of the package you may notice a slightly higher or lower amount than specified. (continued)