49 CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS Yes - this is family violence. Daniel's behaviour includes emotional and physical abuse – both are types of family violence. Although there are no visible bruises or marks, Daniel is constantly putting his sister down and finding ways to intimidate her and be mean to her. Brothers and sisters sometimes tease each other but what Daniel is doing is more than just teasing and it's not acceptable for a brother to treat his sister this way. Daniel is responsible for his behaviour and he should stop emotionally and physically abusing his sister. Jessica should talk to her parents or another adult she trusts. No - this isn't family violence, but yelling isn't a good way to solve problems. It's an expression of anger, but it's not a crime. Michael's mother could have listened to his explanation and then decided what to do. If the yelling happens repeatedly, it could be emotional abuse and a form of family violence for which child protection workers could become involved. Yes - this is family violence. It's sexual abuse and it's a crime. Since Ella's mother is not helping her, she should tell another adult what's happening. This is a serious matter involving the breach of a position of trust. Police and possibly child protection officials may become involved and Ella's father may need to seek professional help for his behaviour. Yes - this is family violence. It's spousal abuse. No one has the right to hit or threaten anyone, including their spouse. Robert's father used violence – he committed the crime of assault. Police in Canada take spousal assault very seriously. In some places programs are available to help the abuser realize the impact of their behaviour and learn how to build a healthy respectful relationship. Sometimes a judge will order someone who has been abusive to their spouse to participate in one of these programs. Spousal abuse isn't always physical, it can include emotional abuse (like constant put downs or not allowing the other spouse to see friends and family), sexual abuse (making the other spouse do something sexual against their will), or financial (keeping control of the family income and not letting the other spouse have access to any money for things they need).All couples have arguments but when one spouse starts to bully, threaten or hurt the other it becomes abuse. Abuse can also happen without anger or violence (e.g. emotional abuse and financial abuse). Children can be emotionally harmed by seeing or hearing spousal abuse. 1. Yes - this is family violence. It is older adult abuse. Although there are no visible bruises or marks on Jane's grandmother, Jane's step-mother is abusing her grandmother by calling her names, ignoring and threatening her and stealing from her. Stealing is a crime, even if you steal from a family member. Jane's step-mother must stop what she's doing. If Jane's father won't listen to her, Jane can tell someone else who can try to put a stop to the abuse. Yes - this is family violence. It's not OK for Jimmy's father to hurt him. Jimmy's father may be trying to teach his son how to behave but his use of force is not reasonable. Physical assault is a crime. Although some parents may use some light physical punishment for the purpose of discipline, such punishment cannot be used on teenagers or children under two years old. Regardless of the child's age, physical punishment is not allowed to cause harm to the child. Parents can't use objects to hit their children with (like a strap or paddle), or slap or hit children in the head.They aren't allowed to do anything that a court might find degrading, inhuman or harmful (example locking them in their room without letting them use a toilet when they need to). If a child is punished in a way that harms a child physically or emotionally, child protection workers may become involved. Yes - this is family violence. It's not OK for Marcus to be left alone. The mother's neglect of Marcus is a form of family violence.This kind of neglect is taken very seriously by child protection workers. Even if Marcus has a bottle to feed him, there is no one there to respond to his emotional needs, physical needs (if he gets sick or chokes) or possible dangerous situations like a fire. Leaving a child under 10 years of age alone in a situation that could cause death or permanent health problems is a crime.Also, neglecting a child under the age of 16 in ways that could cause death or permanent health problems is also a crime. Yes - this is family violence. Sabrina witnessed spousal abuse and has herself been a victim of physical and emotional abuse. Because what Sabrina's dad did in throwing her down the stairs is a criminal act, she or her mother may want to contact the police. If the police decide to lay criminal charges, the court would likely order that Sabrina not have contact with her dad until the family court had considered what would be best for Sabrina given what had happened. Even if her dad is not charged, it's important that Sabrina let her mother and others know that she was harmed and is afraid to visit her dad alone. If Sabrina still visits her father, someone should stay with her during the visit. Separation and divorce can be very difficult for the whole family.You may feel very confused about whether you want to see a parent who was violent towards you or your other parent.You can still love an abusive parent, even though you don't like their violent or abusive behavior. Your parent is responsible for his or her behavior, not you. It's important for you to talk about your feelings and concerns.Abuse is not OK and you have the right to be safe. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Answers... Family Violence Quiz