9 SUICIDE PREVENTION AWARENESS Congratulations to the Prince Edward Island Police Association on the publication of their 32nd Annual Crime Prevention Guide and thank you for the outstanding work you do in communities all across our province. The work of the PEIPAhas benefited many islanders and this year’s guide will continue with that tradition. The topic of this year’s guide is “Suicide Prevention.” Sadly, too many lives are lost to suicide each year in PEI and beyond. It is my sincerest hope that the work of the PEIPA and this year’s guide will help make a difference in someone’s life and prevent further tragedy. Mental health issues will impact most of us at some point in our lives and I truly encourage anyone and everyone who might be struggling to reach out for help. We should all make sure to take extra care of, and check in on, our families, friends and co-workers during what has been an extremely difficult last number of years. In closing, I again want to commend the PEIPA and its membership for continuing to have a positive impact in our communities. J. David Poirier Chief of Police Summerside Police Services MESSAGE FROM THE SUMMERSIDE CHIEF OF POLICE